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Things to know before starting Muay Thai Training in Port Coquitlam
Muay Thai Port Coquitlam

What you need to know before starting with Muay Thai

Muay Thai has been called the art of Kings. It is a sport that was developed to allow warriors the ability not just to fight but also to defend themselves and their allies against Sund Travels in negotiations for territory or marriage proposals from opponents whom they could defeat through superior speed, strength, strategy! Muays often come back home after battle, rubbing raw wounds caused by harsh training sessions where dedication lays off on top of any excuses, which built their character before fights; this teaches people what life means without fear, even if you’re at risk because everyone’s going into dangerous situations together, so nobody folds.

The Muay Thai technique

Muay Thai is an ancient combat sport that uses 8 limbs to deliver strikes and defenses. The hands are used for clashing blades, while the feet take on opponents by running them over or kicking them in order to launch attacks from close quarters situations like guard positions but also far range ones such as kicks where you can kick behind yourself without fear of retaliation.

Your 8 limbs are your best defence and offense tools.

Muay Thai Punches

In Muay Thai, you will use your straight punches to attack the front of head and body as well as hooks, which can be used at any point on either side when aiming for an opponent’s vulnerable spots. Uppercuts work great if they’re aimed underneath their chin or anywhere near upright posture while leaning forward, so stay weary!

Muay Thai Kicking

The 4 main kicks used in Muay Thai are the leg kick, body shot, head-kick and push attack. A powerful yet easy to block movement with your feet can be useful when they’re not easily caught by the opponent’s arms; however, it also makes you more susceptible to being checked or blocked due their proximity towards our own body parts, which could cause damage if landed correctly across various areas such as ribs/arms you can make your opponent submit by making them difficult to breathe.

Muay Thai Knee

The knees in Muay Thai are very useful when clinching or closing the distance. They can be used to attack an opponent’s body, but also their legs and head-which makes them a versatile technique for fighting off opponents!

Muay Thai Elbows

Elbows are one of the most devastating weapons in Muay Thai. Padded or not, elbow strike is easily delivered faster compared to other types like kicks or punches, but their power still packs a big blow! The range on these things isn’t very long, so you’ll mostly see them being used close up where there’s no room for error.

Clinching (Stand-up Grappling)

In In a fight, it’s important to know how close-quarter techniques can be used. The clinch is one of these little known but powerful moves that you should learn and use when needed! In this position, your main goal isn’t just control over an opponent; rather than striking them with elbows or knees while trying not to get struck yourself—the idea here being maximize opportunities for attack by putting yourself into positions where strikes could land cleanly without risk of too much damage done in return

Muay Thai may sound intense, but it is actually fun!

Joining Muay Thai Training in Port Coquitlam is a great workout where you can burn hundreds, even thousands, of calories in just one session! It is also an incredible experience to train with others and not on your own because it takes two-to tango (or Muay Thai at Clinch MMA is the perfect workout for anyone who wants to get their sweat going. It can be a great way of burning hundreds, even thousands, calories in just one session! You’ll also find that there are people from all backgrounds at these workouts; whether you’re an athlete looking forward to shedding some pounds or simply trying out something new because it looks fun, this sport has something special about its art, which makes everyone feel welcome on any level they may be.

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