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Is Boxing An Effective Way To Lose Weight?

Do you want to sculpt your body with high-intensity boxing workouts? If yes, then why not take boxing fitness classes in Port Coquitlam. Here, you will get to know that boxing can help you achieve your fitness goal faster than any other workouts.

We know it’s hard to spend hours doing the same exercises routine that doesn’t shave off the excess weight quickly. Doing a regular run treadmill can also be super boring. Moreover, due to boxing popularity nowadays, it has become quite a trend in youth to follow boxing as a career. Also, various HIIT classes are being held that can help you to learn boxing and get into shape.

So, let’s reveal how boxing can be the best way to lose weight!

The Science Behind Boxing

When it comes to working out, you can reap the benefits of boxing fitness classes in Port Coquitlam. Boxing not only targets your body condition but also teach you about mental toughness. So, when we talk about the science behind boxing, we realized that boxing is a combination of cardio and anaerobic workouts.

These workouts involve entire body movements such as skipping, running, squat thrusts and press-ups. Ultimately, it uses both anaerobic and cardiovascular systems that allows the quick burning of calories. Each cardio boxing session can burn up to 1000 calories compared to other cardio stables such as jogging or running that burns up to 398 and 544 calories.

Boxing-As A Hobby

It’s a fact that professional boxers get injuries during their fight, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t take up boxing as a hobby or fitness challenge. Boxing is a sport that builds strength and confidence even in an average person.

Besides, if you do it correctly, then boxing teaches you how to be patient and resilient. It is also a great source of relieving your stress. You can release all your pent-up energy by punching a bag, and it will make you a much calmer person in the fierce debates of everyday life. 

Heart Rate During Boxing

Everyone knows that boxing is high-intensity intermittent sports that indulge in maximum heart rate, upwards of 90%. We can call it a red zone because, at this rate, your heart is pumping so hard due to the absence of oxygen.

However, with proper training in boxing, you can learn to work under the red zone. Then it will be easier for you to make forceful punches at heavy bags with clarity.

Removal Of Toxic Fats

Boxing does help in burning calories, but it is also efficient to remove toxic fats. You must know that all fats are not the same as few are unhealthy for the body. Visceral fats are present around your waist area and correlate with certain toxins. 

When that happens, your body will be at high risk of getting a disease such as diabetes, heart disease, colon cancer, esophageal cancer and pancreatic cancer. However, all these medical risks can be reduced with boxing workouts, as it is the best way to remove toxic fats around your waist.


Lastly, you can keep yourself motivated by learning a new set of workouts like boxing. Moreover, It’s pretty fun and practical activities like these will carve your body in a perfect shape. So, say goodbye to the big and bulky muscles and get boxing fitness classes in Port Coquitlam.

Now, get ready to try out a class at Clinch 4 Life MMA and prepare your body for the compelling challenges of boxing!

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