TESTIMONIALS I've been training Brazilian Jujitsu and Muay Thai with Clinch for over a year now. I used to just go to a "regular" gym to train weights and do cardio, but I'm glad I switched to Clinch. The coaching is top notch and the workout is second to none. I've been able to improve my functional strength, flexibility, and cardio, all while learning technical martial arts skills. I look forward to each and every training session as Clinch is a home away from home. – Gursh Johal "MMA saved me. I joined Clinch at the end of '09, after barely graduating HS and have a very reckless and careless abolosecants that had left me homeless at one point. I had the choice once leaving HS to either turn over a new leaf, or continue down the path that I had been travelling which appeared to only bring more hardship. I joined Clinch and I felt as if I were part of a bigger picture, working towards a greater goal and have never looked back. Sal, Joe, and Sina are all fantastic intructors who will help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be, then surpass them. My health in all aspects of my life has improved ten fold, and within a year I had travelled to our affiliate school "Sangmorakot" to train. Clinch MMA is more then a gym, it's a family." – Oliver Martin "I've had the opportunity to train various martial art disciplines at several of the local schools. Clinch's Muay Thai classes are by far the most challenging and most technical, allowing their students to not only accelerate faster, but have a better understanding and grasp of what they are learning." – Adrian Gomez "If it wasn't for the teachings of Sal, I would not have the discipline and the techniques that I've learned. The classes are intense and he gets the best out of his students. A class act indeed and I'm grateful for what he has taught me." – Simon Ali

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