Use antifungal/antibacterial soap and shampoo your scalp. Apply an unscented deodorant afterward. Showering before training will also warm up your muscles and help to reduce the risk of sustaining an injury during practice. Always brush your teeth and make sure your finger and toenails are well trimmed. 2. SHOWER IMMEDIATELY AFTER TRAINING
Always shower within 10-30 minutes after training. If this is difficult to arrange at home, use the showers in the facility before leaving. Always use a washcloth in the shower and scrub from head to toe. Use soaps and shampoos with antiseptic properties— tea tree oil soap and Defense Soap are recommended. 3. INSPECT YOUR SKIN DAILY
Always give your skin and scalp a close inspection for any lesions, rashes or other infections. Make sure you are in a brightly lit room. If you find something itchy—don’t scratch it. Keep the affected area clean and dry. 4. IF YOU SUSPECT AN INFECTION SEE A DOCTOR AND STAY HOME
Be responsible and report to a doctor immediately after discovering a skin abnormality, or even cold or flu symptoms. Do not ignore things and come in for training. The earlier you see a doctor the less training time you will miss in the long run. 5. REPORT INFECTIONS TO COACHES AND TEAMMATES
Do not feel embarrassed, skin or other communicable infections happen to the best of us. Letting your coaches and teammates know will prepare them so that they can take measures to avoid the spreading of the illness. 6. ALWAYS USE A CLEAN AND DRY TOWEL
Moist towels can be a great place for bacteria and fungus to grow. Use a clean showering towel every day. Invest in a large stock of towels—you can find them cheap at any large department store. 7. LAUNDER YOUR BEDSHEETS WEEKLY
Many communicable skin illnesses such as ringworm, staph bacteria and scabies can live in bed sheets—they can infect and re-infect you. All proper military units are trained to wash their sheets at least once per week because it is necessary hygiene; you’re encouraged to follow this same procedure. 8. ALWAYS USE CLEAN GEAR
Clean all of your gear after each use. Never reuse gear without cleaning it; this includes your jockstrap, ankle supports, mouth guard, etc. Spray and wipe down all gloves, pads and headgear before leaving. Wash all your training apparel in hot water with a strong detergent and some baking soda. Never let your used training clothes sit for days before getting washed—they’ll become much harder to clean and free from bacteria. If your apparel develops a strange smell overtime, especially when it gets wet, throw it away—it has bacteria living in it. Also, any house gear that you use must be cleaned thoroughly; this includes focus mitts, Thai pads, kick shields and heavy bags. Also remember to air out your equipment bag and wipe it down regularly. 9. TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET
Wash your feet, especially before and after training. Make a habit of doing it at the end of your shower. Don’t forget to lather and clean between each toe using a washcloth. Dry your feet thoroughly and use an antifungal foot powder. Never become lazy with your foot care, it’s an easy way to bring fungus and bacteria to the mats and onto your training partners. 10. HELP KEEP OUR FACILITY CLEAN
Keep the facility clean and educate those who don’t know about proper hygiene. If you see someone wearing shoes on our mats, politely remind them not to. If your training partner smells bad and doesn’t look clean— tell him/her and refuse to roll with them. If you or your partner draw blood during training, stop and make sure things get cleaned properly. Always throw any trash into the garbage and recyclable items into the bin provided.

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